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Day 8: The return

March 23rd, 2008 | Category: Death Valley

And so it ended.  But a few further adventures were in store for us as we headed back to Vegas to catch a night’s sleep and a plane back to Maryland.  Driving through Pahrump after dark, we got a bit careless and were pulled over by one of Nevada’s finest.  I can’t blame him really – we were speeding and he was very polite.  This put rather a damper on the evening but didn’t completely bum us out since we were having such a good time.

The next morning on our way to the airport we went on a pilgrimage to Fry’s, the electronics store found only west of the Missisipi and represented on the ‘net by  Whenever I’ve been in California I’ve marveled at this place.  Where else can you get a transistor, a bag of cotton candy, a dishwasher, and a depileator all in one stop?  But the Vegas store proved to be something of a disappointment; it didn’t have the scope of the California stores, as it sold only more prosaic consumer electronics.

And that’s all for this vacation!

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