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Quizzical nomenclature

November 19th, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

You know what pisses me off? Why is it called a “gubernatorial” instead of a “govenortorial” election?

Why are earthquakes referred to as “temblors” instead of “tremblors?”

This is funny but i’m serious here. Is this some sort of cultural lisp?

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Hilarious Amazon product comments

November 18th, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

Amazon is selling a Laptop Steering Wheel Desk.  This has some obvious implications if used while driving, and has stimulated over 100 reviews in the form of sarcastic farce. Here’s my offering:

I’ve found that it’s very useful as a Dissection table. Sometimes when the urge to dissect hits, it’s nice to not be inconvenienced by having to stop by the side of the road. You lose road time; then, there are those state troopers who ask irrelevant questions. Of course, they are too big to dissect on this little table, so you must excise the section of interest and work with a more manageable piece.

Overall I like the product, but I think it could be improved with a nice blood gutter and perhaps a slide-out tray on which to place my forceps and other instruments.

Here’s the link to the product page with reviews.

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