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Diving the Lana’i Cathedrals II Site

December 27th, 2010 | Category: Hawaii,scuba

I was on vacation in Maui with a few days to dive.  Since I’d never been to Maui before, I decided I’d do the “must see” sites before trying to do something more novel. My guidebook recommended Extended Horizons, based in Lahaina, the city on Maui closest to Lanai’i island. Extended horizons was an excellent operation – thorough, attention to detail, treating new divers with extra attention and leaving more experienced divers largely alone as desired.  I was not forced to surface with the first gas-sucking newbie; I was the first person off the boat and the last person back on, which was terrific.  The boat was fast and perfectly adequate for the small group of divers they booked.  Diving on Maui is expensive – $140 for a two-tank boat dive, as opposed to about $100 elsewhere in the states.

For our first dive, we went to a site called “noname/pinnacle” just to the west of the Cathedrals II site.  Max depth was about 90, with a volcanic pinnacle rising to about 20 feet.  The bottom is covered with short branching corals inhabited by lots of fish.  nearby there is  seaweed field that looks like it might contain seahorses.  The pinnacle itself has a few swim-throughs and, of course, plenty of fish action.

The Cathedrals II site is shallower, and the caverns have multiple openings and levels.  Some nooks and crevices hold lobster and have plenty of hiding places for dark-loving fish.  It’s a really beautiful location and I’d like to do it again.  on the way out and back, we saw many whales.  A couple of times, we came to, turned off engines and enjoyed the whales.  It was better than the whale-watching trip I was on a few days earlier!

Water temp was 75.  I was comfortable in a 3mm with a 2mm hooded vest.  A 5 would be perfect for many people.  Bottom time for me was an hour each dive on EAN 36.

Here are the highlights, with all images in the gallery below. Click on any image to see it larger.













Show last night

December 04th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

I saw Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe last night.  What a great band – and their opener, “Orgone,” rocked also.


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Impatient Dog

December 04th, 2010 | Category: animals

Tycho does not like to sit in the back; this is what I often see upon returning to the car.



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