Jun 7

Todd’s visit and the Clark telescope

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My good friend Todd was on a business trip and was able to stop by.  Here he is with Holly, as the overlook at the entrance to Lowell Observatory.  In the background to the right, you can see a hint of a rainbow.


After dark we walked over to the Clark Telescope, and had a great view of Saturn.  This telescope is no longer used for research and is of historical interest only.  We are using, and building much larger telescopes!


If you look at the next picture in darkness and allow your eyes to adjust you can see the moonlight on the dome and stars in the sky.


The 24-inch barrel of the clark telescope, made in 1894, points out of the wooden dome like a giant cannon.  The woodwork is complex and beautiful, although meant to be utilitarian.



Here are some images inside the rotunda, which has been turned into a museum of artifacts from the early days of work here.  Among the interesting items are the blink comparator used to find Pluto, and some early spectroscopic equipment used to show that most observable objects in the universe are receding from us, supporting the “big bang” theory.




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  1. Seamus June 28th, 2009 5:26 PM

    Hi guys!! Dan your blog is great! I wish you guys all the joys this wonderful adventure! looksm like fun. be well


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