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Arriving on Oahu

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Hawaii is useful to a country that wishes to project its military power over the globe. For this reason, the Hawaiian islands are full of military bases, particularly Oahu. Oahu contains Pearl Harbor, although I didn’t work there – I need to work from the Marine Corps Base at Kaneohe Bay, which is home to a detachment of the US Navy’s P-3 aircraft.

K-bay P-3 flight line

The town of Kaneohe is backed by the staggeringly beautiful Ko’olau range, which is a knife-sharp ridge of volcanic origin (as is everything in Hawaii).

I am lodged in Honolulu, right on Waikiki beach. I got a pretty nice place in the Hilton Prince Kuhio, on the 29th floor. Waikiki is beautiful, but very crowded.  The Waikiki area has lots of options for eating and other services that visitors need. There are other beaches to choose from, although they are less convenient. The state of Hawaii has done a good job of containing tourism and development. On each island, there are zones that are developed, and zones that are less so or not at all. On many islands, the roads are intentionally inefficient in order to discourage crowds.  Waikiki is the main area of oahu that was set aside for tourists and their trappings.

waikiki hotel view

Oahu is not the largest of the islands but it’s still pretty big. It takes about 1.5 or 2 hours to drive across it. I’ve been here before, doing exactly the same kind of work, and that helps me in understanding the place.

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