Jul 5

Work happens

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I’ll leave out most of the details about work. Suffice it to say that every few days, I get on a plane, usually before before the sun rises, and fly for 10 hours performing the surveys. I don’t pilot the aircraft, but operate equipment on board.

me on the P-3

There is a crew of about 11 people that fly the plane, fix things, and operate sensors. Think of the bridge of the enterprise from Star Trek, where there is a science position, a command position, a sensor station, a communications station, etc. Sometimes we fly over 3000 miles, but we usually fly in a circle and return to the same place. I like working with the Navy crews, particularly on this assignment, because they are very professional and are working with us closely to accomplish our goals.

I can’t always post images of what I do, but here are some images from previous missions.

The missions are sometimes boring, sometimes cause terrible air sickness, and sometimes are really exciting and take me to exotic places. I keep doing it, so I must like it! A recent exotic place was midway island, which we only flew over.

midway island

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