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Diving – the pipeline site

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I haven’t been in the water in about a year, and want to start out with an easy, forgiving dive. I chose the pipeline site off of Honolulu, and limited myself to less than 60 feet. The reef environment around Oahu seems heavily damaged; it bears the scars of living so close to so many people. It is still beautiful, but can be a bit depressing. The coral around Hawaii is of a different type than Caribbean corals, and isn’t as fancy-looking even when healthy. I did OK on this “checkout dive” but wasn’t that thrilled with the dive operator, who probably had to put down his bong to answer the phone. A lot of the dive operations in Honolulu have a cattle-herding mentality and are not very professional or even safe.

There was a strong surge on this dive, so there was a lot of sand in the water.

There are more images here.

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  1. Dan June 23rd, 2010 10:45 AM

    All the knowledge about the flora and fauna of Hawaii and not one comment about the Moray Eel in the top picture???
    Hehe, beautiful pictures and what a job!
    Very nice blog.

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