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Diving – the wreck of the Sea Tiger

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Wrecks are usually great dives because they attract so much life. Also, the creepy vision of a wreck materializing during the descent is a unique experience. I think that people are fascinated with shipwrecks because they represent death and the afterlife. A sunken ship is a dead soul, and visiting it evokes a trip across the Styx. Things sunken and vanished have been lost to this world, but with some equipment and training, you can imitate hercules and make a round-trip voyage to the underworld. Along the way you will see things as strange as could exist on any alien planet.

The surface:

The descent:

At 30 feet, the wreck begins to appear:

At the mid-deck, perhaps 70 feet in depth:

Finally, from near the sea bed at 100 feet, the ship’s silhouette, ghostly in the light from which all reds and greens have been stripped:

Schools of fish weave in and out of the structure.

Where does the coral end and the fish begin? This is a Hawaiian Freckled Frogfish.

A spotted boxfish. I see these on every dive, but they are hard to photograph (as are most fish) because they don’t like to be approached.

I’m not sure what this thing is – maybe a sea slipper?. It looks like a lobster tail with legs. It is very well camoflaged, and the only reason I noticed it was because it moved.

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