Sep 13

Crapping sand

Category: scuba

It is a rather interesting topic, don’t you think?  Imagine what it feels like!

Parrotfish can really say that they eat rocks and fart sand.  If they can talk.  Which I doubt.  But since the topic came up recently, here is a movie I took in Japan of a parrotfish eating algae that grows on coral.  With every bite, it ingests some of the coral too.  If you listen carefully, you can hear the crunching noises made when the animal grinds up the coral in its pharyngeal mill, which is a kind of heavy-duty gizzard.


So when the parrotfish is done digesting what it ate, out it comes.  Typically you’ll see one fly by – trying to get out of your way – and a jet of sand will come out of its ass.  I think they want to distract you with it.  Once I did get this on “film” but it was a terrible image, which is why I present this one by Gerard Geertjes:

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