Feb 19

Day 4: Pahrump Medical Clinic

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That trifling sore thoat matured into a real illness and I became sick enough to need a doctor. We found one in Pahrump, 80 miles away. Pahrump is a place of broken dreams – a dusty, sparse city ringed by brothels. I can’t tell which way Pahrump is going, but I’ll guess up; Vegas is only an hour away and this would make a cheap alternative bedroom community for working people. There’s really no reason to be there unless you’re on your way to somewhere else, despite the protestations of the local chamber of commerce. I saw this sign, which reminded me of this Dave Chappelle routine.


We spent the entire day in the local ER getting some penicillin thrown at me. Turns out I had the flu, so pills did no good. This slowed me down somewhat, but not totally. On the way back from Pahrump, determined to make the best use of every minute, we visited the Devil’s golf course as the sun set. I was too sick to care about taking pictures.  Here is a cartoon of Holly’s, made while waiting with me in the clinic waiting room.

Holly's cartoon

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