Nov 7

Microwave door latch repair

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Public service announcement: Recently I repaired my GE microwave, model PSA1201RSS 01, which had a strange door latching issue.  The door was extremely difficult to open.  I think it took about 20 pounds of force to open the darned thing. Eventually, the plastic latch broke, and the replacement part was very expensive.  However, searching around the interwebz, I found someone who found that the same latch is sold for a different oven, and it’s only a few dollars.  The replacement latch I used is GE genuine renewal part #WB02X11096 from The new part was very easy to replace; I simply unscrewed the bezel (interior panel of door) and slid the old latch up and down and to the side, moved the spring to the new latch, reassembled (with some synthetic grease) and voila – better than new; it now requires a normal amount of force to open the door.

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