Dynamic Infrared Imaging and Hyperspectral Wound Imaging

The Dynamic Infrared Imaging System (DIRI) was conceived and developed at JHU/APL. See this link for more project info and some informal sample images from our InSb cryogenic infrared camera. The instrument's control application has many frames; below are screen shots of two of them. The instrument is designed to observe the heat flux in a region of tissue and correlate changes seen in the visible spectrum with those seen in the infrared. Thus there are two image areas. The images shown here are merely test images taken in the laboratory, not actual patient images. Following instructions from the operator, the software acquires frames in a movie sequence which can be played back at a later time. Image processing techniques can be used during movie playback to aid the physician with diagnostic information. A log of all operations and instrument conditions is kept and stored in a database. The software was implemented in LabView and C++.

The image below shows the data collection frame.

The next frame shows the movie player, with controls for playback rate with jog/shuttle options.

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