FUI (FCAS User Interface) is software responsible for controlling the NASA/GSFC Fast Cryogenic Array Spectrometer.  It consists of a graphical user interface, a command interpreter, and a series of underlying software driver modules (classes) that operate the FCAS instrumentation hardware.

The FUI is written in C++ and uses MOTIF libraries.  The command interpreter, called FOIL (FCAS Operator's Interface Language) is written in C++ and is implemented as a class.  FOIL uses a number of objects written in C++ to control hardware.  These objects are LakeShore, which operates temperature controlers, Pulizzi, which controls a power controller, Motors, which controls the servomotor controller, and Camera, which controls the infrared camera electronics.

In addition to FUI, FOIL, and all accompaning modules and classes, I also built some of the hardware.

Below are screen captures of the graphical user interface and of the software architecture diagram (The title bar in the captures refers to FCI, an older name for this software).  Click on an image to see it at higher resolution.

Telescope Control panel Software Architecture