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Whitewater rafting on the new river

July 09th, 2008 | Category: Travel

Holly and I went rafting with our friends Malia and Jeff, who are real enthusiasts.  I was scarred by my near-death experience on the upper Gauley last October, and was definitely afraid when I got on the raft.  When it was all over, I could see that there was little to worry about.  Little, but not nothing… there are a few level 5 rapids here, and the water level was 3 feet and rising.  A good time was had by all.  Unfortunately I set my camera to low res by accident, and most of the images are only 640×480.  Oh well.  Th rafting company took the nice shot of us (to the left).  There was an unbelievable number of butterflies around, I’ve never seen so many in one place.  I’d like to come back here for a few days, do some rafting, horseback riding, and take my good camera to spend some time on the river bank.


If you’re looking for more pictures of this event, look here.

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Injured robin

July 02nd, 2008 | Category: animals

injured juvenile robinpet goat - 4 months oldTonight while walking the dog we saw a robin running around on the street.  It didn’t fly when a robin should have, so we captured it.  When Holly grabbed it it made a fuss and all of the birds in nearby trees raised a huge ruckus.  We went home immediately, stuffed the animal into a spare bird cage and rushed over to see a friend who does wild animal rehabilitation.  She said it was skinny, but will not try to examine it for a day to let it calm down.  The fact that it had enough strength to run and cry out is a good sign, but with birds you never know; they put up a good act and things can go south very quickly.  We’ll see.  Our friend has a pet goat which is territorial and is prone to butting people, but it’s cute.

Update (7/20): the robin recovered, and was able to fly away!

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