Jun 25

Field tests are fun

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My colleague Keith & myself, being gainfully employed, were obligated to undertake this assignment.  We toughed it out on the beach, watching the F-15s, 16s, and F-22s fly in and out of Tyndall, giving us fantastic low-altitude views.  Long periods of quiet were broken only by bird sounds and the sound of the waves and occasional communications with the test crews out on boats.  When not too busy, we mucked around in the water, which was almost uncomfortably warm.


OK, we really did work hard, and for much of the week we were shuttling back and forth in traffic and working in buildings.  But I’ve got to say, I prefer it to the home office!

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  1. Suzanne June 27th, 2008 3:24 PM

    Ahhh… the famed Corona picture. Good use for the stuff!

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