Jul 20

Jupiter dive: scarface and lighthouse reefs

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img_8809.JPGI’ve been working in the Canaveral area, where the viz is poor and the bottom sandy and visually uninteresting. It seems like nobody dives from the Canaveral area, unless there’s a really long boat ride involved. So, on a day free from responsibility I drove down to Jupiter to do a boat dive with the Jupiter Diving Center. They are a nice operation, with large, comfortable boats, easygoing (and well-trained) staff and great rental equipment, although perhaps on the expensive side.

The reefs are just a few minutes from the dock. The water here in mid-Florida is fantastic; it’s turqoise and warm, not at all what I expected this far north. Both reefs lie at about 80 feet, although the tops are around 60. Of course, a lot of the action is on the deeper sides, in the crevices, so plan to spend time closer to 80. There are decent currents here, so these are drift dives. Water temperature: 88 degrees, viz – 50 feet, very calm surface, current gentle but firm – relax and enjoy the ride!

Near the end of the dive we encountered an enormous turtle, perhaps 5 feet across. For perspective, check out the size of the diver in one of the photos!


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