Feb 6

Rotten applesauce

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This AM Holly was cleaning out the fridge and found this nice jar of applesauce:


Right away it was spirited to the Greenspan analytical laboratory for inspection. I have a microscope  built from a box of broken microscopes purchased from Edmund Scientific a few years back. It needed a little custom machining and parts, but it works; its highest power is 400X. I bought microscopy stains and various other materials on-line.


I figured that the pink stuff would be bacteria, but the gray/flesh-colored body would be fungus. Since the gray/flesh thing was spongy, I thought I’d find mycelia – the filaments that make up the body of a multicellular fungus.  I was right!

I made some slides with methylene blue, and here is one that shows both organisms.  The little round/lozenge-shaped things are bacteria and yeast.  I don’t know what kind of bacteria yet. The filaments are the mycelia of the “black thing.” you can see some interior structure within the mycelium in the center.img_0440

I will have to continue working on the image quality; I think i can do better if I can find more time to play with it.

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  1. Potatoe Man June 2nd, 2012 4:24 PM

    Okay, I just looked up rotten applesauce on google because I was bored, and… this showed up. That picture of the applesauce is disturbing. Eew. Cool that you actually looked at it under your microscope!!!Find out what kind of bacteria it is. It might be Staphylococcus aureus. Just kidding, I have no idea. Do your own research. Okay. Have a nice day!

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