Mar 20

Snow hike near A1 Mountain

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Flagstaff is so cool.  I’ll often drive around and see scenes like this.  That’s the San Francisco Peaks, and on the left is A1 mountain.  Both are volcanoes.


Since almost all of the land is national forest, which has nonrestrictive regulations about land use, I can simply find a place to park, get out, and walk into the woods! I drove up a forest road until I reached a place covered with snow and the road was closed.


I didn’t have snowshoes in the car, which would have helped a lot.  At least I had my gaiters, which made all the difference, but it was still tough going.  Every 10th footfall sank 3 feet into the snow.  I just chose a compass heading, looked at a map, and walked for a couple of miles.


No other people were present and I heard almost no human noise – just the crunch of snow under my feet. When I stopped to drink or look at the compass, it was starkly silent unless the wind was blowing.  Air temperature today: around 60 when I started!  I saw a coyote and plenty of woodpeckers, as well as an owl or hawk in the distance.


I used my hiking pole as a monopod (it has a camera mount under the handle) to get these images with a cool little digital camera that Holly gave to me.  I don’t usually take images of myself, maybe I should now and then.  That’s the San Francisco peaks in the background.

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