Jun 25

A variety of schultz fire resources

Here is a map of the fire at what I believe was its greatest extent, more than 15000 acres.  The fire is not over yet, but the firemen appear to be gaining on it.


Right now the entire region is closed to hikers, but when it’s all over I will make a point of hiking through there and documenting it.

Here is a link to my friend Steve’s blog, where he has posted images and resources as well.

A link to my friend Padraig’s images – some excellent night shots.

Here is a link to the “handlebar sandwich” blog, which has some very early images of the fire, as well as a very creepy time-lapse night sequence.

Of course, the coconino county site has the most authoritative info.

Finally, in my original fire post i mentioned three students that had to flee the fire, abandoning their car (I hope it’s still there when they get to it!).  It turns out that two of the three are summer students at Lowell, where I am working.  Small world!  I am glad they are safe.  Here is a link to some images one of them, Eric, took.

new: Here is an animation of the fire as seen from space.  Here is a cool time-lapse movie of the fire at night, taken from a location right where many people have houses.

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