Aug 8

Albuquerque to Colorado Springs

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I spent the day in Albuquerque, biking along the Rio Grande.  Albuquerque struck me as a dusty, overcrowded place with a somewhat contrived “old town” area, but it says something that in August I was able to spend hours outside in the middle of the day without evaporating.  It was hot, but not too bad, and also dry.  Great for exercise; considering the nearby mountains and the way that the city is so bike-friendly, there are many places to explore.

During the golden hour, the synthetic brutishness of the road is transcended by the miracle of shimmering grass. The road may be hard, but the grass will always win in the end.


As you drive out of the city heading north, the desert gives way to arid plains with more plant cover.


As the sun set I was treated to thunderstorms too distant to hear. Peering through a splattered windshield on which innumerable insect lives had been extinguished, I witnessed lightning bolts crawling around the thunderheads as if insight, made visible, were seen flashing through a giant brain. The lawnmower blade of the milky way rotated overhead; the horizon was revealed in semi-second bursts of the prodigal energy our planet spends so freely.  At Raton peak near the NM/CO border, I decided that should I ever need religion, I’ll worship the sky.   Lightening demurely illuminated the clouds, choosing not to reveal its full nature.



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  1. Niffer August 8th, 2010 8:27 AM

    I loved your sky paragraph.

    hehehe… Do you know what the last thing to cross a bug’s mind before it hits a windshield?

    His ass.

  2. kyle cassidy August 8th, 2010 6:43 PM

    spectacular sky lightinging star photo

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