Aug 17

Kitten in a basket

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She’s now about 5 pounds.  Soon, she won’t fit into this basket any more – at least, not as perfectly as she does now: she’s like a rising loaf of bread in a pan.  Her savage nature has been improving a bit, but she’s still a “special needs” cat.  She is quite affectionate in her own way – she is always near us, licks us, and frequently purrs just seeing us after an absence.  But the whole petting/touching/being held thing is not tolerable.  When it looks like she’s in a good mood, I grab her, and then put her down before she goes ballistic – an interval of maybe 5 seconds.  She does have the rather startling good manners to rarely use her claws; even when pretty angry they don’t come out.  But if the biting gets too serious, or the claws are used – then, the canned air comes out.  She hates that, and it works very well at modifying her behavior.  I must admit to a certain smug satisfaction when the little creature sinks her fangs into me and then, with the proper application of canned air, gets the shock of her life!  This makes the act of petting the cat something akin to armed rape.  Fortunately, I  rarely have to squirt the can any more; just the sight, or even the sound of the can being handled is enough to make her think twice.

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