Sep 13

Someone help me ID this animal

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Going through some old pictures, I found this gem.  I saw it while diving in Hawaii:

Folks, I present to you.. the one, the only SEACucumber.

What kind of heartless fiend could do this to an animal?  My outraged heart can barely support the knowledge of such brutality!

But… how can such a thing happen?  I mean, what is the skin of a sea cucumber like, that you could write on it?

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of touching one, I’ll share my own experience.  I have encountered a few varieties of this animal in places around the world.  A lot of them feel… well, like cucumbers, with a semi-rigid polished surface.  Others are distinctly turd-like, and cover themselves with mucous (hey – don’t judge – you do this with parts of your body too!  I admit they’re on the inside for the most part though).  The mucous of this animal has picked up a lot of sand, which is excellent camoflauge and also one more thing to make eating a sea cucmber less of a good idea.  So some diver has picked this guy up and wiped off some of the mucous and sand with a finger.  As the creature crawled across the ocean floor, the words became distorted as the animal stretched and compressed, like a slug crawling.  I doubt that this caused any harm to the animal, although of course such an odd pattern would make it more obvious to predators (if there are any – probably something eats them).

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