Aug 10

The Mighty Mole Hunter

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My 75-pound dog’s main outdoor preoccupation is hunting 2-oz moles and shrews.  Here you can see him engaged in his favorite activity on the slopes of the San Francisco Peaks where we live in Flagstaff.  We hiked through a birch forest to get to an open area near the Arizona snow bowl.

He is a living roto-tiller, trying to dig all the way to the center of the earth.  The dirt’s a-flyin’:

When he excavates a big enough trench, he thrusts his snout into the mole tunnel, like a giant mosquito biting the earth, inhales a lungful of mole smell, and then sneezes.  Why is it that this creature, with a sense of smell tens of thousands of times more powerful than mine, needs to actually touch the source of an odor with his nose and snort it in as much as possible?

Here we have one happy, and dirty, dog (the two are often connected).

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