Sep 25

Bonaire, post three: Around Bonaire, Topside

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Here are a few pictures from around the island.  Bonaire is a Dutch posession, so that language is spoken here, along with Spanish and Papiemento, which is a patois.

Here are the Cargill salt works down south.  The salt piles look like pyramids!  You’ll see this as you approach the salt pier.

Instead of squirrels, Bonarie has lizards, I think mostly iguanas and skinks.

While in a surface interval at the north end, I saw the Island’s classic pink Flamingos in the abandoned Salina Frans salt pan at the fishing village beyond the BOPEC oil transshipment facility:


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  1. Talkingtostones September 29th, 2011 7:56 PM

    Gorgeous colors on those lizards (or the one in three poses;not sure which)! Curious, though: in the second photo of lizards, there’s one that looks brown instead. Is that a different type or a female or juvenile of the same? From what I can see, they have the same head, leg, body structure so I’m thinking same type of lizard, but that could be not so in real life.

  2. Dan Greenspan September 29th, 2011 8:35 PM

    I don’t know the true answer. I’m pretty sure those are the same lizards, either females, or subordinate males, or perhaps they’re just molting. I used to have a pet iguana, and it would always turn a drab color before sloughing off its skin. Many lizards also exhibit sexual dimorphism, with the males having extra colors and markings so that they have a grand and impressive appearance.

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