Jan 28

A modest grave is all I need

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When I die, please inter me in something like this:

OK, OK, I understand, money might be tight, and perhaps we’d need to lose the virgins of truth and justice, or whatever they are, flanking the idealized figure of what was probably in reality a debauched old man. How about one like this?

Can’t you just picture me there with my family crest, totally absorbed in a book…

…archly staring down anyone who would dare to interrupt my Olympian greatness?  Regardless, I’m going to set to work immediately, building myself a platform like that to read on, complete with Greek arch in the background.

Yeah, I’m sure the guy looked just like that.

OK, that one’s still kind of pricey, and you might not happen to have a good photograph of me lying around in a toga reading a book to give to the sculptor.  How about this one?  It looks a lot cheaper.  I think the least I deserve is a weeping virgin burning a torch for me.   ‘Cause when the G-man shuffles off this mortal coil, you know that virgins everywhere are gonna be devastated.

Oh, all right.  I get it.  It’s going to be a budget funeral for me.  Let me rot a while, then dig up my bones and put them in pretty boxes (Ossuary is the word for a bone box, in case you wanted to know).

I will even agree to share a cabinet with the others.

All of these images were collected in Pisa at the Camposanto.

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  1. Christina January 28th, 2012 10:30 PM

    Wow, these are amazing.

    I think you should go with a weeping virgin.

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