Nov 24

In the Pacific Northwest

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Work has taken me to the San Juan Islands, in the very north-western corner of the country. I love this area; it has a fantastic coincidence of sea, mountains, and wildlife that makes it a rare pleasure. When flying over it, is is sensuous; when walking through it, it is rapturous; when sailing through it, it is divine, and when diving under it it is fascinating. I’ll post images of each of these things, but for now, here’s a start:

I arrived at night…

Fir trees - iconic of the northwest

But awoke to the spectacle of Mount Baker.

... but I awoke to this.

Mount Baker dominates the scenery in the region, as does the Olympic range to the west:

With features like this around, you usually know where you are to some extent, as long as it’s not foggy, or you’re not in a canyon – two things that happen regularly if you travel enough here.

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  1. Kelly O November 24th, 2008 12:11 PM

    WOW. Those photos are so gorgeous that they don’t look quite real.

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