Aug 13

Blue Ridge Kayak Camping

Category: Arizona

Our first trip to Blue Ridge was a scouting mission for a larger trip which we just completed.  It was a logistical giant, but we pulled it off: 15-20 people converged over hundreds of miles and were rowed or ferried to the campsite about 3 miles from the boat launch.  The weather was perfect, not storming until the last hour when a few of us were still rowing back.  Kids, dogs, and adults all had fun; every night was a party; good food, conversation, and company was the rule.  The Perseid meteor showers were ramping up, so at night we lay back and stared at the immensity of the cosmos – so clear at this altitude – and watched meteors streak across the milky way. During the perfect days we clambered down the sandstone cliff of our castle-like isolated campsite and swam in the emerald waters. We saw western Grebes and Pelicans – odd birds at this location!

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