Nov 25

Ferries are the glue

Ferries are a unique aspect of life in the northwest corner of the northwest. Two hours north of Seattle and a little westward, it’s all islands. Between Everett – a larger city on the mainland coast of the Puget sound – and Vancouver Island (which does not contain the city of Vancouver, strangely) – lie the San Juan Islands. If you’re on the Canadian side, it’s called British Columbia, but the geography is the same. Beautiful, mountainous islands with wealthy people living on them. Wihout regard to status are the other residents: eagles, hawks, loons, otters, sea lions, and in the deep water, whales and porpoises (in this region, deep water can be six feet from shore). There are few bridges; ferries carry the lifeblood of the region, are the glue that holds it together and unifies it. I know I’ve arrived when i board one of these.

If the weather is good, you get fantastic views from the ferries, specially at sunrise and sunset.

You’ll know envy when you see houses like this one:

Maybe you’ll see a rainbow over the shadowy Olympic peninsula, which often wears a mysterious fog veil…

And you’ll definitely witness spectacular sunsets.

I know this sounds like a ferry advertisement, but you haven’t truly experienced the region if you haven’t spent time on ferries.  there is a comforting feeling leaving your car, being whipped by the bitter northwest wind, and then entering the spacious interior with its rumbling warmth an enormous windows.  Get a cup of hot chocolate and watch the view roll by through the enormous windows, and people watch too.

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