Dec 6

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While on a business trip, I managed to arrange a short visit with Todd, Melissa & Co. in Colorado Springs. I didn’t understand what I was in for when we took their oldest daughter to this place:

For a reasonable fee, we gained admission, where I assumed we’d watch the kids play whilst we did boring adult stuff like sit around and discuss the economy. But I had no idea what it was like in there.

Instead of the expected pool full of brightly colored balls covered with germs, I found a warehouse-like space full of brightly colored inflatable structures covered with germs.

I am not much of a spectator. I like to get involved. The idea of watching kids on a playground is not exciting for me, because I’d rather be playing too. I expected to see a stern legal notice forbidding heavy people to romp, but it was perfectly OK for the old people to play too.

Inside one of the structures were two enormous boxing gloves. We picked them up and beat each other. Everything is built so that it’s difficult to get hurt, but I managed. My 40-year-old carcass took a bad landing, pressing my neck beneath the weight of my body and making an L shape out of it. Oy gevalt! For the next week, such pains I could tell you about…

Here’s a gratuitous cute picture.

The dog is a quasi-willing playmate and a sweet animal.

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