Apr 26

Home depot kitty

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Today we were in a Home Depot when another customer said to us, “You know, they’re giving away kittens back there!” I thought “Great, just what we need. It’ll fill out the food chain, right between the dog and the parakeet.”

Of course, we came home with one.

Home depot kitty

There are several feral cats living in the home depot. Unfortunately, they are not fixed and so someone found these kittens high up on a shelf in the garden section. This is the second time this year; the first time, the kittens were too young to be separated from the mother and died when removed. When we saw these cats, sitting in the bottom of a cooler in the H.D. break room, I knew right away that they were not entirely well; some of them didn’t move when I touched them (although they were alive). Turns out that they had been removed from mom cat in the morning; hours later, they had no food or water. They were probably dehydrated. The H.D. employees had tried to give them water, and were very concerned about the cats, but the cats were too young to drink from a bowl and the water wasn’t accessible. I got my fingers wet and rubbed drops in their faces; they came alive and started licking – not sucking – the water. So they were weaned, maybe 4-6 weeks old.

Holly with kitty

We decided to take at least one, not really deciding to keep it but maybe to find it a home. While we stood there deliberating, other customers came by, and by the time it was all over, all 5 kittens had found homes with H.D. employees and customers. Everyone was so happy, because we all know what happens to kittens that don’t have homes. Denise, the woman in charge of giving away the cats, was delighted and praised Jesus while hugging and kissing all of the cat adopters. The cat we took is doing very well as of this evening, and we’ve gone and bought a bunch of cat stuff at petco – I think this means we’ll keep it, but final verdict to come.

Me with kitty

I’m thinking that we need to work with the H.D. people to get those cats spayed.

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  1. H April 28th, 2008 9:36 AM

    She is so cute! I am sitting here paging through your blog pix just to see her again.

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