Jan 12

Horne Lake

While driving from Courtenay to Nanaimo (along the North coast of Vancouver Island) I noticed a small road sign about caves.  I had wanted to see some caves here; there are many on the island.  So having a few hours to spare, I followed the sign on a whim.  As the paved road transitioned into a potholed dirt forest track, the scenery became more and more beautiful.

Probably due to the weather (cold, overcast, snowy) there were almost no people around, although a few die-hards were up in the mountains fishing.  They asked me what I thought of Obama.  I told them that he looked pretty good now, almost everyone seems ecstatic about his presidency, and at least he isn’t an embarrassment to us!

A bird zoomed out of the mysterious fog and into the wierd light.

The Horne lake area is very close to populated areas – only 10 miles away or so – and even so, it looks like this.  I would love to see parts of the island that are really far away from towns, such as the north-west end.  Maybe some day.

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  1. spleeness January 13th, 2009 6:25 PM

    These pictures are breathtaking! How in the world did you capture the bird like that??

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