Jan 16

You know, I really wanted that

While working with the Canadian forces, flying on their CP-140 Auroras, I found that they feed their people really well.  Whatever food that is left over at the end of a flight is divided amongst the crew in a feeding frenzy.  Aurora crew will know what I’m talking about.

On my last flight I snagged a bag of really nice cantaloupe melon.  Not having a fridge in my room on this one night, I put it outside on the balcony, and went to bed looking forward to a morning of canteloupe consumption.

But it was not to be.  Someone else got to it before me… I heard a mysterious “thump” at the window, and saw this, seven stories below:

It landed on a rooftop, where I couldn’t get to it.  The damned gull wasn’t able to penetrate the bag, so the melon got wasted!

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