May 24

My brush with celebrity

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dsc_3464.jpgMy wife’s longtime friend Mary has graduated from veterinary school – as class president no less – and managed to bag a great speaker for the ceremony: Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of the Animal Planet’s Emergency Vets television program. Before and after the graduation ceremony, we got to hang out with him a little bit. He was interested in my camera equipment, and we talked cameras for a while (he shoots with a Canon Rebel). Then he pulled a bunch of photos out of his briefcase. “Here are these penguins I was just working on in Antarctica,” he said. He won an NSF (or was it National Geo?) grant to put sensors on the birds. The sensors telemeter data via satellite for weeks, providing information about body weight, temperature and other data. He also told me about work he’s done with turtles, putting sensors on them to see what they do under the ice during winter. Dr. Fitzgerald is a fascinating person, full of stories and interesting ideas. He seems to be completely without ego – just a nice guy and easy to get along with.

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