May 23

Our temporary digs

Category: Lowell

I still haven’t processed the pictures from the trip, but here’s a few of where we are living temporarily.  The observatory has put us up in the Slipher apartment, which is in the historic Slipher building (more on that in a post yet to come).  We are going to be completely spoiled when we have to get our own place in a few weeks.  We have a sizeable chunk of this beautiful building to ourselves:

We are on the second floor, which has a screened-in porch just above the lower peaked roof:

Here’s the view from the windows on the west side; that’s the volcanic Humphreys peak on the horizon.

Here’s the porch, where we sit and eat, read, and enjoy the scenery. The air smells like pine needles, and you can hear the birds singing on most afternoons.  The sound of distant trains filters through the pines occasionally, but most of the time, it’s very still.  Deer come out of the woods to graze in front of the building.

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  1. joan mayer June 27th, 2010 1:38 AM


    Your photos are wonderful. I am particularly interested in your astro pics at Lowell. I do nightsky programs at Glen Canyon. Is there any chance you could come up to do a program up here. I have an 11″ CPC, 9.25 cpc, & a 12″ dob. We usually have about 100 people or so at our programs. I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you have anytime to come up. thanks, Joan

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