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icloud not syncing with outlook on PC

June 03rd, 2016 | Category: Tech-y

Recently, I encountered my quarterly issue with using an iphone with outlook.  I say “quarterly” because this combination is rickety and unreliable, and breaks several times a year, which is to be expected when using software form the two largest companies on the planet.  What are all those thousands of brilliant people on posh campuses doing with their time, exactly, if they can’t keep this stuff working?  It boggles my mind.

That ranting intro is my way of saying that if you’ve arrived here trying to solve your iPhone and outlook problem, it might be similar to the issue described in this post, or it might not.  Good luck. This happens to me multiple times a year, and the problem is different every time.  One thing i can be sure of: the problem is never my fault; solving these issues is my burden for being foolish enough to stop using pen and paper.

Issue: Some event and contact info does not synchronize between the phone and outlook. I can’t see any consistency in how or why some makes it and some doesn’t.  However, what I see on does match what’s on my phone; it’s just that what I see on outlook doesn’t match what’s in icloud.

Solution: in the windows icloud application, sign out.  Let it erase all of the icloud information on the local windows computer (after verifying that it is, indeed, in icloud). Sign in and let it download. Now, all will be right.

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