Feb 21

Day 6: Darwin Falls

Category: Death Valley

Near Panamint springs lies one of those magical places where water transforms the desert.  A short hike was all I could do on this day (being sick) but I’m glad I did it. If I go back someday I’ll spend all day in this canyon; there are several levels of falls which can be reached by rock scrambling.  It is supposed to be a good place to see birds, but i saw hardly any.  Maybe the season wasn’t ripe yet – we were there in mid-February.  The temperature was fall-like, not too cold, but I always had warm clothes on.  A hiking stick is useful in this area, as there’s lots of mud and slippery rocks.

Darwin Falls

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  1. spleeness April 13th, 2008 7:12 PM

    So bizarre to see so much water in the desert!

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