Feb 22

Day 7: Rhyolite

Category: Death Valley

We overnighted in Beatty’s Exchange Club. This is a perfectly wonderful place compared to the minimal Panamint Springs resort and the cramped (but charming) Furnace creek cabins. It has no charm, but everything works and there is lots of room.

As mentioned previously, it seemed as if all of Death Valley’s 1.9 inches of yearly rain occurred during our visit! We left Beatty in a spray of mud, headed towards the celebrated ghost town of Rhyolite. Rhyolite is the most-visited ghost town, and can be something of a circus. Thankfully on this day, perhaps because of the weather, few visitors were there. The stormy sky was challenging photographically, but presented wonderful opportunities for the patient and the prepared.


rhyolite area

The area around Rhyolite is a vast plain sloping upwards towards eroded mountain stubs. The richest gold mines were found in this area.  Near Rhyolite is the Titus canyon road, which we had a little trouble finding initially, but eventually got on track and set off for Titus canyon.

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