Apr 12

My new (used) car

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Or maybe I should write “truck.”

I bought this Honda Element because the SUV capabilities will actually come in useful where I’m taking it, although it felt alien to buy such a thing.  I almost bought another Subaru, which would have done just as well, but this looks like it will be a bit more fun driving across the country.  It’s a 2007 with 11K miles, still under factory warranty.  There is a lot of room inside; it feels like a miniature school bus.

It’s a little jeep-like truck-let, with a number of cool features for camping and hauling cargo, and a variant of all wheel drive that willl be handy on dirt roads and in deep snow.  The clearance is good too, I will be able to handle some moderate off-roading.  I’ll put it to the test as soon as I get the chance.

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