Death Valley 2008

Here is my digital travelogue of a trip to Death Valley in February 2008. Each title is a link to a blog entry with more images and text. Within the blog pages, you can click on the images to get larger versions.

Death Valley

Day 1 – Mr. Gupta

Inebriation and international fraternity.

Death Valley

Day 2 – Hoover Dam

Worth the trip.

death valley ash meadows

Day 3 – Ash Meadows

We admire the Devil’s hole and its current occupants.

pahrump death valley

Day 4: Pahrump Medical Clinic

A day replete with coprophagic utterances.

death valley badwater etc

Day 5: Badwater, Artist’s Palette and Natural Bridge Canyon

We make the best of a bad situation.

death valley eclipse

Day 5: Lunar eclipse

The planetoid lines up.

death valley panamint springs

Day 6: Panamint Valley

We experience the opulent splendor of the Panamint Springs resort.

death valley panamint springs darwin falls

Day 6: Darwin Falls

Profligate water in the desert.

death valley tucki mine

Day 6: Tucki Mine

So, renting that 4-wheel drive truck was justified, after all.

death valley rhyolite ghost town

Day 7: Rhyolite

Death Valley’s popular ghost town.

death valley rhyolite statuary statues statue art

Day 7: Sculpture garden

Nevada’s finest artistic offering.

death valley titus canyon road

Day 7: Titus Canyon Road

The beginning of a grand adventure, and rain in the desert.

death valley titus canyon road titanothere leadfield

Day 7: Titanothere Canyon

Breathtaking scenery.

death valley leadfield mine shaft titus canyon road

Day 7: Leadfield

A ghost town and abandoned 19th-century industrial site.

death valley titus canyon road petroglyphs fossils

Day 7: Titus Canyon

A drive-through slot canyon, petroglyphs, fossils, and more.

death valley ubehebe crater flowers

Day 7: Ubehebe Crater

A mad dash to see the elephant.


Day 8: The return

A spasm of vacation-induced consumerism sputters and dies.

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